The Electrosub is a business and professional forum focusing all different kinds of activities connecting electronics and digital industries.

The event call companies, institutions, organizations to participate who are interested in production any kinds of products including electronic and digital technical solutions, even they are developer, designer, researcher, manufacturer, trader, or training or service provider, independently from the final using fields of the products.

Az esemény súlypontját az elektronikai alkatrészek, anyagok, gyártóeszközök, gyártás, gyártástechnológia képezi, amelyhez kiemelten kapcsolódik az automatizálás, az irányítás-robot- és méréstechnika, továbbá ez elektronikai iparhoz szorosan köthető világítás- és biztonságtechnika. A jövő kihívásaira felelve a kínálat kiegészül a digitális transzformáció és mesterséges intelligencia, az IoT megoldások témaköreinek  szolgáltatásaival, termékeivel.

A rendezvény az Ipar 4.0 jegyében zajlik.


There are electronic components, materials, production equipment, manufacturing, engineering connecting especially to automation, robots, process control, measuring technologies in the focus of the event, and it adds new areas to the electronics as lighting, and security equipment.

The two pillars of the Electrosub are the Conference and the Exhibition, which are in synergy, and complement, and support each other, providing a complex professional and business meeting point for the relevant players of the market.

The best experts are the expected speakers of the Conference. The subjects of presentations reflect the various colors of event, and will be organized in groups according to its fields.

The goal of the event to provide venue for exhibitors, visitors, conference attendees to discuss on technical problems, and business solutions face to face outside of virtual world. It is a place to introduce themselves, their achievements, products, and services, and extending their business connections and contacts through informal meetings. Summarizing the main goals are to improve competitive excellence and financial success of participants, and find solutions, response to challenges of technologies. Some interesting side event and competition complement the Conference and Exhibition.

The Electrosub enjoys support of major Hungarian and international organizations, and professional media.

Registration is mandatory to attending the event.